The Together Teacher

Are you starting to panic about the approach of the fall semester?

Maia Heyck-Merlin’s book The Together Teacher: Plan Ahead, Get Organized, and Save Time (2012) is chock-full of helpful ideas. It’s aimed at K-12 teachers, yet much of the advice is fully applicable to college-level teachers, too.

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3 Steps to Get Control of Email WITHOUT Deleting Messages

Social Media Whack-A-Mole! Insert all your time and money.

(c) Rosemary O’Neill. Used with permission.

I’m in the middle of a project and need to refer to–or respond to–an email somewhere in my inbox. So I open up email, and BOOM. 30 minutes gone. “And what was I intending to do, anyhow? Oh, yeah, I needed to find….” Continue reading