Starting the conversation

I ask prospective clients to make an appointment. Why? I want to honor your needs by giving you my undivided attention.

Click on the big blue button to self-schedule a confidential, non-judgmental chat by phone about the type(s) of support that would best enable you to meet your goals. Up to 30 minutes; no charge.

Pick a time to chat!


Whatever your location, if you prefer to interact by email, telephone, and/or video conferencing, or you’re looking for support in time and action management (i.e., establishing or maintaining a big writing project, transitioning between career stages, maintaining progress with organization, etc.), this option is for you. I am now a Certified MentorCoach and also an Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation. I’m also trained in ADHD coaching and am an active member of the ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO).

We’ll schedule two to four 30-minute phone calls each month. You’ll set the agenda for each call, and together we’ll explore solutions, accountabilities, and troubleshoot potential obstacles. At the end of the call, you’ll have a flexible game plan for the days ahead.

Sanity School(r) Live

I am a Licensed Sanity School(r) Live for Parents trainer through ImpactParents. Lots of information here:

Catch a future class or discuss options for bringing Sanity School(r) to supports parents in your organization.

Hands-on organizing

In prior years, I offered hands-on organizing services. Between the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic and the popularity of my coaching services, I am no longer actively organizing. That said, I bring my experience as an organizer to inform my work with clients as a coach and consultant. Or you can connect with my former colleagues at NAPO Michigan for in-person organizing support.

Workshops and seminars

Does your program, department, or campus want to sponsor a program on academic productivity for graduate students or faculty? Contact me to start planning a customized, dynamic presentation!

Some of my favorite workshops and seminars include:

  • “Turbocharge your Writing Process”
  • “The Productivity Smile and You”
  • “Rocking the Literature Review”
  • “Dissertation Writing Intensive” (3-week program including coaching for all participants)


I also offer developmental editing and copyediting of manuscripts for scholarly works in my area of specialty (Roman art and archaeology). While several of my projects have been confidential, you can sample my work in the Oxford Handbook of Roman Sculpture (2015), which I edited along with two colleagues. Back in 2011, when we pitched the book idea to Oxford University Press, we set January 2015 as our target date for publication. We’re quite proud to have met that deadline!