For the early birds out there

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I’m excited to be joining two of my NAPO-Michigan colleagues as a panelist at this Thursday’s Women’s Exchange of Washtenaw event: WXW Clutter Busting Moves-Are You Ready for Spring? Follow either link to register for this 7:30am breakfast meeting on March 19, 2015 at Washtenaw Community College.

We’ll be sharing tried-and-true organizing strategies and there will be open Q&A and a chance to crowdsource even more organizing jujitsu. Sure to be fun and educational for all!

Sleep Tip: Red Lights at Night

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Have you ever made this mistake after dark?

As a grad student and in my first years as an assistant professor, I would sometimes get a great idea in the middle of the night, and spend a few hours typing away at the computer. Awesome for moving my work ahead, but I had a tough time sleeping soundly the next night. Continue reading

Basic Self Care

It’s easy to neglect yourself under the deadline pressure of a busy semester and writing deadlines. So during a recent presentation on delightful work/life integration for a group of graduate students, I stressed the importance of self care to support creativity and stamina in the academic life. And that’s when one of the students asked,

“What counts as basic self care?” Continue reading