Under Development

  • “Mind the Gap: Recognizing Evidence for Monumental Reliefs in Third-Century Rome” (co-authored with Elizabeth Wolfram Thill).

In Press

  • “Dismembering a Sacred Cow: The Extispicium Relief in the Louvre” (co-authored with Elizabeth Wolfram Thill).

In Print

Oxford Handbook of Roman Sculpture (cover)

  • “Monumental Reliefs” (co-authored with Elizabeth Wolfram Thill), pp. 276-291, and
  • “Introduction” (co-authored with Elise Friedland), pp. 1-9,  in
  • The Oxford Handbook of Roman Sculpture, edited by Elise A. Friedland and Melanie Grunow Sobocinski, with Elaine K. Gazda. Oxford University Press. 2015. 728 pp., ill. ISBN 978-0-19-992182-9.