The Sweet Spot

"When we start to feel worthwhile because of our busyness, we start to believe the corollary: if I'm not busy, I'm not worthwhile." ~Christine Carter

Christine Carter’s book, The Sweet Spot: How to Find your Groove at Home and Work (2015), is an entertaining literature review of positive psychology research. I found myself nodding along each time she deftly summarized the high points of a scholar’s work in two or three breezy pages.

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Sleep Tip: Red Lights at Night

red butterfly night light

Have you ever made this mistake after dark?

As a grad student and in my first years as an assistant professor, I would sometimes get a great idea in the middle of the night, and spend a few hours typing away at the computer. Awesome for moving my work ahead, but I had a tough time sleeping soundly the next night. Continue reading

Headspace: Take 10

Actually meditating every day is tough. “Headspace” makes it easier…and fun!

“Headspace” (my favorite meditation app) and its parent website,, feature a series of 365 short guided meditations (male voice, British accent). The first 10 are free (with registration). The meditations have to be done in sequence, as each session builds on the previous day. Graphs chart your progress through the series, and there’s a supportive online community.

No arcane words to learn, no religious content, and no musical soundtrack.
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