Routines Playlist

Morning routine songs

  1. “Cuddle Up a Little Closer,” Diaper Gym
  2. “Good Morning To You,” The Persuasions, Good Ship Lollipop
  3. “Rockin’ Routines,” FlyLady, Up Kind Of Day
  4. “If You Pee-Peed in the Potty,” Bruce Lansky, Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Tot (hard to find)
  5. “Getting Dressed,” Sesame Street (MP3 not available; the alarm reminds me to head to YouTube & play the video)
  6. “The Hairbrush Song,” VeggieTales, Silly Songs with Larry
  7. “The Breakfast Song,” Breakfast With Bear, Imagine And Learn With Music
  8. “Brush Your Teeth,” Daddy A Go-Go, Cool Songs for Cool Kids
  9. “One Shoe Blues,” Sandra Boynton, Blue Moo

Bedtime routine songs

  1. “Launch Pad,” FlyLady, Up Kind Of Day
  2. “Clean It Up,” Laurie Berkner, Buzz Buzz
  3. “Orderly and Organized,” Mrs. Kate Carpenter, Nanatunes
  4. (Dim lights / red lights) “Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere,” Dan Zanes, Little Nut Tree
  5. “Pajama Time,” Sandra Boynton, Philadelphia Chickens
  6. “Polish Those Pearls,” Lizza Connor, Commander Salamander
  7. (Lights out) [kids pick favorite lullaby]

This list of songs is a resource for the blog post “Tools of Time Management, 4: Routines.” I’m taking suggestions for more songs to add to this playlist. Unless otherwise noted, the songs are readily available. Most are downloadable.

Thematic categories I’d like to add:

  • Writing (prompt to start a writing session). April 22, 2014: Added Offenbach, “Galop Infernal” from Orpheus in the Underworld, AKA the CAN-CAN, when starting tasks likely to elicit procrastination. 
  • Writing (prompt to end a writing session or Pomodoro)
  • Washing dishes