Headspace: Take 10

Actually meditating every day is tough. “Headspace” makes it easier…and fun!

“Headspace” (my favorite meditation app) and its parent website, headspace.com, feature a series of 365 short guided meditations (male voice, British accent). The first 10 are free (with registration). The meditations have to be done in sequence, as each session builds on the previous day. Graphs chart your progress through the series, and there’s a supportive online community.

No arcane words to learn, no religious content, and no musical soundtrack.
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Tools of Time Management, 3: Wide Margins

I’ll admit it: my top time management struggle is leaving adequate margins in my schedule. No matter whether you call them margins, wiggle room, extra time, or cushion, it’s essential to leave space in your routines, schedule, and life to cope with the unexpected and the emergent. Easy to say, hard to implement.

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